BREATHING SPACE with Randall O’Leary (Online-Masterclass)

A yoga and breath-masterclass with my dear teacher Randall O’Leary
Saturday 30th January from 4-6 pm via Zoom

Take this time to treat to yourself by joining us for a yoga, breath and movement masterclass. What better way to ground yourself in this new year than by breathing space and flowing your way to health and balance?

In this class, we will start off with some gentle purification to cleanse our bodies, our energy and our minds. From there, we will ground ourselves and move into a breath based flow designed to clarify, balance and energize. We’ll also learn some techniques we can use to maintain our health and harmony throughout the whole year to come. Join us breathing space to create more happiness and light!

Randall O’Leary
has been a dedicated explorer of Yoga since 1991. Alongside his studies of classical Hatha Yoga, Randall has studied a variety of styles including Iyengar, Jivamukti and Viniyoga.

Randall’s teaching style is primarily focused on cultivating an asana practice that builds & sustains a high level of Prana – our life force energy. Inspired through his studies of Tai Qi and Viniyoga, Randall shares his unique approach to Pranayama, which he called Swara Yoga. This system gradually deepens into Advanced Pranayama sequences which allow his students access to a comprehensive, embodied understanding of the infinite power within the breath.

Randall’s classes are enriched with philosophy stemming from his studies of Hatha Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda & Indian Mysticism, and are balanced by his unapologetically playful nature and love for Reggae music.

In 2006, after many years studying with his Guru in India, Randall was initiated into the ancient Indian spiritual order of Sadhus and is honoured to share many unique tools from his sacred tradition.

It is his aim to inspire every student to pursue a practice that is overflowing with energy and joy, that spills out into their world and transforms their relationship with life itself.

The cost is 30€. Please make your booking here.
We’re looking forward to seeing you!